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Explore Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is truly a Medley of Wonders! Located in Kasese District of Uganda, this Uganda safari park has various ecosystems made up of sprawling savanna, shadowy, moist forests, lakes and fertile wetlands, which makes it a good home to various species of wildlife, primates and birds. Queen Elizabeth National Park lies against the back of the great Rwenzori Mountains with stunning and panoramic views that are made up of various crater lakes. These lakes are carved dramatically into the green rolling hills. When you visit, you will reward yourself with magical sights of the Kazinga Channel. This channel’s shores are infested with hippopotamuses, elephants and buffaloes. You will also see the Savannah plains of Ishasha, whose fig trees obscure tree climbing lions that are ever ready to knock on herds of the famous Ugandan Kob. Just like the sights and attractions, Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda does have a rich cultural background too. There are many scenarios and opportunities for tourists to meet up with the local communities and be part of amazing cultural activities like traditional dances, storytelling moments, listening to traditional music and more. You can further engage in community projects and leave footprints behind.

Named after Queen Elizbeth II, this park was previously named Kazinga National Park. The gazetting of Queen Elizabeth National Park has long ensured the conservation of its ecosystems for decades, which in turn benefits the surrounding communities. Some of the activities to carry out in this popular national park include wildlife viewing (primary activity) in Kasenyi, Mweya and Ishasha sectors, Chimpanzee tracking in the exhilarating Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu forest or Maramagambo forest, Hot air ballooning and local community visits. Other interesting activities include hiking and nature walks, bird watching, launch cruises on the Kazinga Channel, lion tracking, a visit to the explosion crater and a visit to the Katwe salt works. Tourists can visit Queen Elizabeth NP at any time of the year but the best experiences are got during the months of June to September and December to January respectively. This wildlife park is not only among the best wildlife viewing destinations, but is also Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. When you go gorilla trekking in Bwindi, endeavor to add a visit to this lovely park as they are not so far away from each other. Its also easier to connect QENP with Kibale Forest National Park just in case you want to try out its Chimpanzee trekking experience.

Key Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

uganda safarisTree climbing lions are also known as, cactus climbing lions.There are only two population of these mysterious tree climbing lions in the whole world; Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Manyara national park in the southern part of Tanzania. The fact that these are not climbing animals makes these big cats a major attraction for the tourists that visit East Africa.
uganda safarisKazinga Channel is a wide 32km long water body that connects the Lake Edward to Lake George in the south western part of Uganda. The water body is found in the Queen Elizabeth national park and is a habour for many wild animals. Kazinga channel shores are know for having wild life like Elephants, Hippos , Flamingoes and Nile Crocodiles. Its is a major attraction as tourists take a boat cruise across its shores to view the magnificent wildlife scenery.
uganda safarisMweya Peninsular is a piece of land that juts into the Lake Edward. Its a one of kind looking pieces of land and tourists come here to visit the land occasionally. Mweya peninsular comprises of the Kazinga channel track part of it being covered by candle stick thorns with the outlying impressive Savannah making it an excellent area for game viewing, this zone has got several game tracking points which must be followed during game drives.
Lake Katwe CratersLake Katwe Explosion Craters are located north of Mweya peninsular. They are the highest elevation within Queen Elizabeth national park in Western Uganda. You can get to see the great western rift valley of Africa and the escarpments during the drive. You will also see Lake George, a chance of Mountain Rwenzori ranges and Kazinga Channel that connects Lake Edward to Lake George.
Lake Katwe salt worksLake Katwe Salt Works is a salt water lake and lake katwe is located north of Mweya peninsular, in the south western part of Uganda with in Queen Elizabeth national park. Its has been a source of rock salt for years and has salt mining has been a major economic activity in the surroundings. Tourists visit this area to learn and look at the lake with a sanile smell because of its sulphurous chemicals which form the salt.
Kyambura Gorge Kyambura Gorge is the magnificent valley of apes in the Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda situated in the Eastern part of the park. This is drain by river kyambura. It was formed by the disorderly waters of River Kyambura. It’s about 100 metres deep the site of the land scape is so breath taking and one of the best u can find in the world.
Maramagambo-ForestMaragambo Forest Maramagambo forest is located in the Queen Elizabeth national park in south western part of Uganda bounded by “lake nyamadindiri” and “lake kyasanduka”. Tourists mostly love this forest for its bat caves and resident African rock pythons. Many come around to visit this wide vegetation.
Kasenyi-Plains Kasenyi plains are found in the north Eastern part of and some times known as Mweya. Queen Elizabeth national park in western part of Uganda this plains are also known as Kasenyi sector the plains are fascinating with endless views of Savannah’s with roaming antelopes and Uganda Kob. The Kasenyi plains also habour numerous lions, leopards and many other cats.
Kyambura Wildlife ReserveKyambura Wildlife Reserve is one of the known areas of Queen Elizabeth national park with extraordinary views of wildlife, primates, butterflies and many other things to be included in ones travel list. It’s bordered by kyambura Gorge to the west kyambura is situated on the north Eastern side of Queen Elizabeth national park and also links to the Kazinga channel, forming it’s northern boundary villages and village plantations lie to the southern end of kyambura game reserve.
Lake GeorgeLake George is found near Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda, it’s situated in the western part of the great African rift valley. It covers and area of about 250 kilometers squared and its depth is about 2.4 metres hence small and shallow.
Kalinzu ForestKalinzu Forest is located in the south Eastern edge of the Queen Elizabeth national park and is one of a must destinations in your list at the park with better chimpanzee tracking than in Kyambura George.