Kigali Airport Transfers

Kigali Airport transfers from 20 – 30 USD

Kigali Airport transfers; We offer a number of quality private airport transfer options from Kigali International Airport: With the best  private car, minivan, coaches, limousines with chauffeurs or Self drive options. Our driver will wait for you in the Arrivals hall of the airport, with a sign with your name on it, and take you straight to your Kigali accommodation. At Rwanda Car Rental, we offer value for money airport transfers from Kigali Airport to various locations in Rwanda. Our service is rated as the best in Rwanda given the punctual, reliable and friendly service. Whether your journey is long or short, Rwanda Car Rental can meet your requirements.

  1. Be confident that we shall fulfill our pledge of picking you up from the airport
  2. From the cool and confident corporate executive to a nervous bride or a group of close friends, we treat each client like a member of the royal court with prompt.
Kigali Airport transfers with Kigali Car Rentals by Rwanda Car Rental offers the most reliable private airport pick-up service in Kigali at unbeatable rates!

Kigali Airport Transfer Offers

We provide a simple and efficient airport transportation service, operating 24 hours/7 days a week between Kigali International airport to any part of Rwanda, we specialise in transfers from to Kigali International Airport (KGL). We also cover other popular destinations including Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest, Ruhengeri, and all Rwanda tour destinations.
We offer the most affordable rates around and provide a reliable, prompt and polite friendly service. Our 24 hour booking is available 365 days a year. Vip cars are included in our fleet of clean and safe cars that can take you swiftly from Kigali International Airport to whatever destination in Rwanda in comfort and safety. Our wide range of vehicles including Private Taxi (Saloon), Vip Car, Private Van, Private Minibus, Private Shuttle, Private Coach (Bus).

Quality Camping Gears in Rwanda

Rent a car with Quality Camping Gear in Rwanda

Rwanda Car Rental Camping Gear is rewarded with an inspirational journey through these beautiful lands. Whether you are an experienced camper that enjoys long back country hikes outside your country, or you just want to try something new with the family in Rwanda on a self drive safari, Please allow us to put together a basic camping safari with the best camping gear for a 4×4 self-drive camping trip in Rwanda. Its magical and yes, its incredible…

Stay comfortable throughout the night without having to carry the gear from your home country. Just be prepared for anything of personal camping essentials like flashlights, Swiss knife, bug spray, insect repelant and leave the rest for us to handle.

Car Rental and Camping gear in Rwanda

Car rental and camping in Rwanda is a magical and rewarding journey through Rwanda. Famously known as diverse with a good climate and safety that gives any independent traveler a chance camp under the stars outside and enjoy the sights & sounds of nature, the scenery and cool breeze. You get a chance to slumber amidst the wild, waking up to sounds of birds and yes, It’s an exceptional feeling.rwanda car rental, rent a car rwanda, self drive rwanda, rwanda car hire, safari car rental rwanda, driving in rwanda, rwanda cars for rental, kigali car rentals, go self drive rwanda, rental cars rwanda, car hire company, 4x4 car hire rwanda, rwanda 4x4 cars, renting a car rwanda, how do i rent a car rwanda, hiring a car rwanda, car rentals in rwanda, car hire agency in rwanda, best car rental rwanda, best rwanda car hire company, rent a 4x4 car in rwanda, rent a safari car in rwanda, rwanda cars for hire, car mart, kigali car hire, hire a car kigali, one way car rental rwanda, hire a 4wd car in rwanda

There are spots in the parks that are meant for camping, The camping areas are mostly managed by the Rwanda Authorities, the local community or the lodge camping grounds that are privately managed.

Stay comfortable throughout the night without having to carry the gear from your home country. Just be prepared for anything of personal camping essentials like flashlights, Swiss knife, bug spray, insect repelant and leave the rest for us to handle.

Road Trips in Rwanda

Road Trips Rwanda; Drive around and learn more about Rwanda

Take breathtaking road trips in Rwanda with Rwanda Car Rental. For your ultimate customized safari you definitely need a guide to move you to those different destinations that you need to go after customizing your safari.

Whether you would like a Rwanda Car Rental to set your own trail and camp under the stars in one of our 4WDs with camping gear, or follow one of our carefully planned circuits with overnight stays in pre-booked accommodation in Rwanda, Rwanda Car Rental provides you with reliable cars for rental in Rwanda and Uganda, a big dose of insider travel tips, and the peace of mind to set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

We offer Wildlife safaris, Gorilla Safaris, Bird Watching Safaris, Mountain Hiking, Chimpanzee trekking, Cultural Tours, Guided Nature walks, A, Local Flight reservation, Hotel reservation plus Customized Tours in Rwanda. Rent a car in Rwanda and drive to Congo to the nearby areas on the borders of Rwanda like Bukavu, Goma and Kivu. These are some of the interesting places to go to and still you can access the Virunga national park of Congo from Rwanda and its worth a trek.

Road trip Drives is the best way to experience The Country of a thousand Hills, abundant Rwanda wildlife including the endangered Mountain Gorilla in Volcanoes and the beautiful Kinyarwanda culture. Our Rwanda Car rental fleet consisting of Toyota Landcruisers and Toyota RAV4s are the perfect Rwanda Self Drive cars to take you around the country. Rent a car in Rwanda today and Drive Your Own Adventure!

Road Trips in Rwanda – Kigali Car Rentals, Self Drive Rwanda

Road tripping is hot in Rwanda the land of thousand hills, 4X4 Car Rental Rwanda serves as the best car rental agency that will offer you great fleets at the best rate to make your road trip journey in Rwanda the best ever in your life.

Self drive Safari planning for independent travelers in Rwanda can be simplified by the team of experts at the company offices in Rwanda to ease the accommodation booking and park entrance, gorilla permits in Rwanda and Uganda, chimps permit.

Choosing Self Drive vs Hiring chauffeur

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur Hire at Rwanda Car Rental we play a big role in making awesome entrances to any party nothing matches the pleasure of being driven by a professional chauffeur or even a self drive in the comfort of a stylish luxury car. From classic vintage cars to modern cars, you have to choose a car that matches with the style or type of wedding and fits your budget. However, the most important issue is whether you will prefer to get your own drivers or hire chauffeurs from the Rwanda Car Rental agency. Which-ever option you choose can have a great impact on the proceedings of the party.

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur Hire with self drive option, you have all the freedom to travel at travel anywhere you want at your own pace. This option is cheaper since you can just hire your relatives, friends or siblings to drive you at a cheap rate or for absolutely nothing. This sounds like the best potion but it comes with its disadvantages with major one being that the driver may be inexperienced, may not have the required driving documents, may be unprofessional, may get lost and in case of an emergency like a break-down, he might fail to solve the problem or take longer than expected delaying the wedding convoy for the special occasion.

On the other hand, Chauffeur driven car hire option is much more convenient as all transport responsibilities are left to the driver giving you all the comfort and relaxation you need during your travels. Using a chauffeur means you won’t need to worry about anything like getting caught up in traffic or lost, breakdown … just sit back, relax and let him guide the way. Their hospitality and reliability ensures you will be anywhere you want to go at any time of service.

Is it safe to self drive in Rwanda?

Self Drive Rwanda  through Kigali is remarkably the most sought after adventure options for a memorable and inspirational journey. Navigating through the lush green vegetation and rolling a thousand hills of Rwanda is an amazing and impressive lifetime adventure in Rwanda. This also comes with renting a car for Rwanda self drive in Rwanda National parks which requires total awareness and responsibility. A self drive Safari can turn into a menace if you approach such an adventure without formalising with the natural environment you intend to discover on a self drive in Rwanda .This also applies through Kigali and the countryside, Things can actually go very wrong and yes your most precious time, money to travel, Rwanda Car Rental and further adventure would come to a hault. We are talking about Self driving a midst wildlife and not domestic animals, wild animals that can be aggressive and destructive. It is quite an important aspect to formalize and be safe before you opt for a self drive car rental safari in Rwanda and hence Safari Car Rental Rwanda shares some of the Tips for a Safe self drive  in Rwanda.

Make use of the Park Rangers if you can

It sounds as a way to rip off your budgeted money or quite a little expensive but that would be the basis of your life safety. The park rangers are always armed (which shouldn’t be a scare) and yes informative about the park. It is the wild where anything can happen and the park ranger who is well informed with the area can be helpful. Instances are when attacked by a wild animal or with a mechanical problem in the wilderness amidst wildlife or driving through the right spots for better wildlife viewing.

Consider the rhythm of wildlife

With Self drive safaris in the wild, time passes a whole lot differently.  Never try to rush wildlife across the road, or rush them along with your rented vehicle.  This is absolutely looking for trouble with your car rental through Uganda.  Considerably respect and allow wildlife the freedom to move along at their own pace and yes wildlife has a right of way as stipulated by the wildlife governing body.  Although this may take patience on your part, you will be rewarded with wonderful wildlife sightings and safe interaction between man and wildlife.

Keep a distance

Like mentioned before, beasts in the wild have a right of way which requires you to stay 100m away from these animals and especially the Big 4. Driving closely to these animals may get them to self defence mode against your car causing a threat to you and the Self Drive Rwanda rented car. In this scenario of the rented car, such incidents lie in reckless driving which in turn require you to take full responsibility.

Expect Narrow and windy roads

Like many roads in Kigali, Rwanda,  and off the beaten track, these tend to be so narrow and very few chances for overtaking other game viewing vehicles in the game reserve. In scenarios of overtaking, consider driving slow and avoid hooting like it would have been. Hooting scares animals away and limited chances of seeing a lot, keep it calm and bypass the vehicle ahead slowly without interference. Look ahead and beyond the corners with expectations of crossing game and other road users.Only travel in a vehicle that is well-serviced and roadworthy The basics and the checklist for a self drive  in Rwanda. This rotates from the car rental company you opted for in your plans of traveling through Rwanda. Very attractive rental rates are great and saving but the question lies at What kind of car do you get or what is the mechanical condition of the car you receive. Nothing so legit and perfect comes so cheaply for an inspirational journey in Rwanda. with Safari Car Rental Rwanda. Don’t be caught stuck and messed up with a dangerous mechanical conditioned vehicle in the middle of a beast filled game reserve that will eventually ruin your trip in Rwanda.We recommend you to travel with a well serviced and road worthy vehicle from the Best Car hire company in Rwanda – Rwanda Car Rental.